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Trazabilidad, transparencia y seguridad

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Global solutions

Sending is your urgent transport and logistics company. With a fleet of 1.510 vehicles, we offer coverage in Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Ceuta, Melilla and the best island service in the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and Azores. With a wide range of personalized services depending on the needs of the client.


Committed to deliveries always on time, with complete safety and control. Our vehicles are tracked in real time and we apply the most advanced technology for total control of the merchandise. In addition, we interface with the client to offer real-time information via web tracking, telephone service, sms, mails, mobile APP or even with our chatbot. We customize the service, tracking and traceability for all business profiles and sectors. We offer proactive delivery management and maintain permanent and transparent contact.

The ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certifications, the Madrid Excelente Seal, the Ecovadis certification and the E Seal of Excellence in logistics and transport guarantee the quality of our work.

Our Transportation Services


In the logistics area we include the storage, packaging, order preparation and transportation of our shipments in a single management system. All this, with a single point of contact and a single interface to provide traceability, control and speed to this part of the chain. We have drones for stock control, self-guided intralogistics vehicles, refrigeration chambers, automatic classification and picking systems to cover the needs of sectors in which we are leaders, such as optics, fashion, pharmacy, orthopedics, IT, retail, automobile or footwear.

All this, without forgetting reverse logistics as a value-added service.

Main Logistics Services


We are committed to a dynamic solution that interacts with the recipient before and during the delivery of the shipment. In this way, we maximise delivery ratios in these services, as well as reverse logistics management. Our clients’ recipients can self-manage delivery times by selecting the time periods in which they wish to receive their deliveries. In addition, we have a notification system (via SMS) to the final recipient, notifying the delivery an hour in advance.

Sending has been selected by the Chamber of Commerce as the best e-Commerce solution

Main e-Commerce Services