The Management of SENDING TRANSPORTE URGENTE is aware of the importance of providing a high quality service that is respectful of the environment, which involves thorough knowledge of the client and their needs at all times, in strict compliance with the legal requirements for our sector and the activities we carry out, as well as analysis and compliance with Customs requirements.All this will allow us to take a prominent position in the urgent national and international parcel transport sector and to be able to offer warehousing and logistics services. For this reason, the Management consider that the tool that can send us in this direction is the Management System for Quality Assurance, Environmental Protection, and authorisation as an Authorised Economic Operator.

The main objective of SENDING is to offer our clients an extensive distribution and transport network at national and international level, both on the mainland and on the islands, Ceuta and Melilla, managing the storage, delivery and collection of their shipments on time and in an appropriate manner with full guarantees and respecting the environment, the legal requirements of application and the expectations of the interested parties.

SENDING is immersed in the process of continuous improvement, where it is essential for us to have a good knowledge of the activities in our sector and of the needs of our clients, a reduction in non-quality costs, to carry out a complete study of internal processes and correct management, both of the human and material resources in the organisation and of the requirements of the context and of the interested parties (legal, regulatory, contractual).

The Company must clearly identify the requirements of our clients, and we must also be able to identify their potential needs, in order to be able to provide the service that they demand of us with the most qualified professionals.

Therefore SENDING is committed to compliance with the client’s requirements and the requirements that are applicable to us (legal, regulatory and those that SENDING subscribes with the interested parties and the context where the activity is carried out).

SENDING is committed to protecting the environment and preventing pollution with the proper management of waste, with the choice of the most environmentally friendly vehicles, with the choice of energy efficient equipment, as well as the specific commitments to the context and the interested parties.

In order for this organisation to follow the path of Continuous Improvement, the management of SENDING establish this policy of Quality Assurance, Environmental Protection and Authorised Economic Operator as a reference framework to establish and review Quality and Environmental Objectives.

The Management consider it very important that the Policy of Quality Assurance, Environmental Protection and Authorised Economic Operator are communicated and understood by all staff in SENDING and interested parties who request it.

In order for this Policy of Quality Assurance, Environmental Protection, and Authorised Economic Operator to be kept updated and relevant to SENDING, the management reviews it every year.

SENDING wants our services to provide added value and to be the best and most complete solution for our clients.


Date: 19.07.19